(Membrane Electrodes Assembly for Water Electrolysis)

Outstanding performance and durability proven over 10,000 hours

Can be manufactured in different size and composition desired by customers with prompt delivery

Schematic Drawing
Category Electrolyte Anode Cathode
Composition Nafion 115 Ir 2.0 mg/cm2 on porous Ti substrate using Ir Black Pt 0.4 mg/cm2 on carbon paper using 20 % Pt/C
Binder: 10 % Nafion to Ir Black using 5 % Nafion solution Binder: 33 % Nafion to Pt/C using 5 % Nafion solution
Thickness 0.13 mm (TN) 0.36 mm (TAE) 0.20 mm (TCE)
Size See price list
Hot Press Conditions: 130℃ / 100atm / 2min
Electrodes (WE × HE) Membrane (WN × HN) Price
2 cm × 2 cm 4 cm × 4 cm $30 USD
3 cm × 3 cm 4 cm × 4 cm $50 USD
5 cm × 5 cm 6 cm × 8 cm $130 USD

The size, composition, and the manufacturing conditions, etc. of the electrodes and membrane can be changed according to the customer's demand. The price is quoted based on the above price list.
(Possible size: within 15X18 cm2 of electrode, within 20X30 cm2 of membrane)

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