(PEM Electrolyser Stack for Water Electrolysis)

Excellent performance and durability

Achieved economic efficiency by developing flat plate flow field

Efficient and compact design

Stack Structure
MEA: Active Area 25 cm2
Electrolyte Anodic Catalyst Cathodic Catalyst Anode Electrode Cathode Electrode
Nafion 117 Ir Pt Ti Carbon Paper
Stack H/W: choose number of cells
Mesh-Gasket Bipolar Plate End Plate Electric Insulator Bolts / Nuts
Ti-Silicon Rubber Ti Al Silicon Rubber / Teflon Stainless Steel
Number of Cells Price Number of Cells Price
1 $480 USD 7 $1980 USD
2 $730 USD 8 $2230 USD
3 $980 USD 9 $2480 USD
4 $1230 USD 10 $2730 USD
5 $1480 USD 11 $2980 USD
6 $1730 USD 12 $3230 USD
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