Products: Hydrogen Generating System

Hydrogen Generating System
(PEM Water Electrolysis System)

Plug & Play type convenient use

Economical choice according to customer's needs with wide range of hydrogen production rate

No need for the electrolyte management owing to solid polymer electrolyte system, no worry for the risk of corrosion by using only pure water

Freely regulate the production rate of hydrogen within maximum production rate

Schematic Diagram
Models and Prices
Model Maximum H2 Production Rate Maximum O2 Production Rate Price
WESPE 1010A 800cc/min 400cc/min $6800 USD
WESPE 1020A 1600cc/min 800cc/min $8300 USD
WESPE 1520A 2400cc/min 1200cc/min $10500 USD
WESPE 2020A 3200cc/min 1600cc/min $12500 USD
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